Pretty lady succeeds in farming, shows her big plantation, says it was her best decision in 2020 (photos)

Pretty lady succeeds in farming, shows her big plantation, says it was her best decision in 2020 (photos)

A young beautiful lady has toed the path why many feared as she showcased her big farmland on Twitter to the praise of many.

The lady said that going into agriculture was the best decision she made in 2020. With a smiling emoji, the farmer asked tweeps to connect her to customers.

Also known as Mama_Organics, the lady posted four pictures that showed the expanse of her farm, telling people she supplies farm produce in bulk.

See her post below:

Many people praised her business sense on Twitter, telling her she made the best decision on looking for ways to make money.

See her post below:

@enoughi09652678 said:

“Go to any institution like hospitals, Shoprite, jails or anything like schools and sell your products. The govt supposed to purchase those food from u give it elders or grant recepients. Grant recipients must enlist their names if interested n councillor sign sassa. Gov’t office.”

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@ckungu said:

“Get market first then farm. Thank me later. Learnt this the hard way.”

@Yasse55364944 replied:

“Some traders want to see the product first. You can start on small scale to introduce yourself to the market with the product and start building your network of potential buyers, then increase your production as demand grows.”

@TapiwaTaruving4 said:

“Great work. Push on the marketing side, the key is always to farm with a market available to take up product especially if your volumes are getting bigger. You will sell at a gd price, takes away desperation, no over-ripe products, better shelf life & yu will not throw away food.”

@Green_Cycles said:

“I don’t know how far away Nigeria is but so angry that there is no way to get your product to Abuja or Lagos within a week. We have population and markets which can absorb this. How much would transport cost be?”

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